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Who we are

Jaguaruna is a trading company for NTFPs (Non-Timber Forest Products) originating from agro-forestry projects with structured productions in balance with the preservation of the environment and the socio-economic sustainability of the communities that inhabit native ecosystems of Brazilian Forests.

Trading Jaguaruna is a subsidiary of WeWe Plataforma de Projetos Ambientais. We value   excellence in service  with efficiency, seriousness, guided by the code of ethics and conductWeWe.

We connect producers to national and international markets

Excellence in quality 

Efficient logistics and product tracking

Jaguaruna is a term from the native Brazilian languageTupi Guarani,

which in Portuguese means "jaguar."


Environment, Social & Governance

The products sold by Jaguaruna consolidate initiatives in the structuring of agroforestry entrepreneurship

The agro-forestry entrepreneur is the result of professional training work, logistical, legal and management support for income generation through balance with forest sustainability.

The agroforestry entrepreneur rescues the self-esteem and capacity for growth and socio-economic evolution of micro-entrepreneurs, creating a solid base of growth and conscious development for the base of the forestry productive chain.

​Learn more about the initiatives and projects of theWeWe Institute.

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